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    Daily Payroll
    For The New Normal


As we adapt to the new normal, the show, as they say, must go on.  It’s the dawn of a new era!

Yet, people need to continue living, buying things and paying their bills… and businesses need to continue doing business and paying their workers. But how we work and how we pay will change forever.



Great companies know that people are their greatest asset.
Daily Payroll

Put money in to your employee’s hands each day they work.  Show them the love and give them the hope of financial stability. Let them be better employees and focus on your customers, not be stressed about their cash flow.

Gratuity Included

Employees that earn tips and gratuities expect them immediately.  Rivvi allows you to push your employee’s gratuities to them each day they are earned, automatically.  Give your employees the money they earned without lifting a finger.

Digital Banking

All employees will have access to our no-fee digital banking platform. No more costly paper cheques or delays in getting access to funds.  Your employees’ money is available instantly, the moment they finish work. A great benefit for any unbanked or underbanked employees.

Better Budgeting

With our included employee app, employees get access to their schedule, timesheets, pay stubs and all their banking transactions in the palm of their hand.  Additionally, employees can create virtual savings account and always know their available to spend balance.

The Dawn Of A New Era

Businesses Need To Adapt To The New Normal

As we reopen our doors and the economy begins to adapt to our new normal, companies need to reinvent the way we do business and this means challenging many of our entrenched processes. Business need to ask if they something was always done, is still applicable in today’s new world.
Rivvi Employee App

Our Employee App Gives Your Workers Better Insight And Control.

Beyond being paid daily, the Rivvi Daily Payroll platform enables your employees to save fees, reduce debt, and increase savings by putting money into their hands faster.  Our goal is to allow people to live better lives.  Our app lets them make this a reality.  Together, we can make the world a better place.
Digitizing Old World Trust

Our Digital Banking Platform Allows Money To Move Faster.

We live in the age of instant gratification.  Your employees are consumers and like every other consumer, they expect everything instantly.  Why are you still paying them the old way?  We invite you to be a leader and to challenge the status quo.
Enable Happiness

Happy Employees Translate To Increased Business Performance.

Smart businesses understand that their workforce is their most important asset.  Improving asset performance makes sense in any business. By enabling your employees to receive their pay on a daily basis, you’re taking a step closer to optimising your business performance and to improving humanity.

Customer Testimonials

  • I think our employees are our number one asset. I vote for paying them daily, along with a big gulp too.

    Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti - President, Stanford University
  • I hereby declare that all employees in my hacker hotel shall be paid daily using Rivvi... except those that work for free.

    Erlich Bachman - Founder, Aviato
  • Loving that this whole payroll thing happens automatically... tres comas!

    Russ Hanneman - Investor
  • This is so great... I am going to make a new Rivvi for China market. Not the same but still the same.

    Jian-Yang - Developer and Chinese App Mogul
  • "This is incredible! I never thought that I would not have to stuff payroll checks again. I can't tell you how much I hated licking those envelopes every 2 weeks."

    Dolores Abernathy - HR Manager at Google

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Regardless of the issue, our goal is always to get you back to business so you can focus on doing what you do best.


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