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Help your people live better.

Rivvi’s People Platform empowers business to help their people live better.  Eliminating manual processes and speeding the time to pay.  The Rivvi App also allows us to enable real-time money movement and tools for your people to accelerate debt reduction and increased savings, automatically.


Improve Lives

Automatically Pay Employees.

Rivvi’s autonomous payroll engine calculates 100% of your employee’s net income in real-time, without anybody having to lift a finger. Our set it and forget it approach allows businesses to eliminate all the time and money wasted on doing payroll so they can focus on the more important things a business needs to do.

Give Employees More Reasons to Stay.

Pay is the original benefit. Rivvi’s autonomous payroll engine allows businesses to offer their employees the benefit of choosing when they get paid, depending on their own personal circumstances.  We call this flexible pay and employees love it!

No-shows Are a Thing of the Past.

Through our integrated scheduling module, we give employees unprecedented insight on their scheduled income.  When employees know how much they will get paid before their shift even starts, they’re more likely to show up for work.

Eliminate Human Errors.

Business that automate manual processes can expect 60-80% savings on processing costs, guaranteed compliance and increased employee satisfaction.  Because the platform works 24/7, employers also achieve the benefit of significantly improved throughout.

We’re all going somewhere… striving to be better and climbing to great heights. Let us help you reach your goals and live better.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I think our employees are our number one asset. I vote for paying them daily, along with a big gulp too.

    Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti - President, Stanford University
  • I hereby declare that all employees in my hacker hotel shall be paid daily using Rivvi... except those that work for free.

    Erlich Bachman - Founder, Aviato
  • Loving that this whole payroll thing happens automatically... tres comas!

    Russ Hanneman - Investor

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