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Built For Small Business.

You started your business because you had a passion that you wanted to pursue. Instead, you’re wasting time and energy doing mundane tasks such as payroll and accounting. Procrastinating about payroll isn’t a solution.
We started Rivvi to help you free up your time so you can enjoy your passion.  Let us do all the work and give you back time so you can focus on why you got in to business in the first place.

Everybody Gets Paid.

Paying people and how you pay them are mutually exclusive concepts.  Every business can get payroll done, but how they do it varies.  Many businesses spend too much money, just trying to do payroll. And as we all know, time is money.
Rivvi’s autonomous payroll platform does your payroll for you, so you can get back to what you do best.  By taking away all the manual and error-prone processes, we deliver 100% automation and zero work. No buttons to click, no reports to review, no payroll to approve.  Just set it and forget it… never procrastinate doing payroll again!
Magic Wand on Emojipedia 13.0  AUTOMATED PAYROLL

Our rules based engine, coupled with our deep see artificial intelligence allows us to put your payroll on auto pilot. Imagine focusing on your business and eliminating all the mundane manual tasks that take up valuable time.  Payroll as simple as set it and forget it.

Calculator Icon Png Image - Calculator Symbol On Iphone , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey INSTANT CALCULATIONS

Our real-time payroll engine allows employees to know how much they’ve earned at any point in time. Giving employees greater insight increases satisfaction and retention. Imagine the possibilities.

money emoji | Coming up Roses  IMMEDIATE DISBURSEMENTS

Through our digital banking platform, we push payments to your employees instantly.  Getting access to funds immediately is one of the best benefits for employees. By helping employees get access to their pay faster, you can enable them to improve their financial health.


Eliminate Human Errors.

To err is human… and being human can be expensive.  Manual processes not only waste money but they’re error-prone and fixing the mistakes (at east the ones you learn about) is an equally expensive proposition. Being compliant is expensive… the cost of non-compliance is significantly more.
Business that automate manual processes can expect 60-80% savings on processing costs, guaranteed compliance and increased employee satisfaction.  Because the platform works 24/7, employers also achieve the benefit of significantly improved throughout.

Instant Journal Entries.

Imagine the possibilities… pay your employees and update your accounting system without even thinking about it, all while you focus on what makes you happy.  Rivvi integrates with leading accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Xero and Sage, We’re all about making life easy. From start to finish, every step is automated and 100% accurate.

Payroll Built For The World.

The world is getting smaller.  Physical office space is no longer the norm… work is anywhere you are. As the new WFH model has exploded, businesses are adapting and rethinking the way they hire and operate.  Talent is everywhere and businesses are no longer limited by geographic boundaries.
Rivvi’s global payroll module allows businesses to take care of their employees regardless of where they are.  Easily pay your people and ensure you’re compliant with local laws anywhere. Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of it.


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You got in to business to pursue your passion… stop wasting your time on payroll and see how high you can climb.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I think our employees are our number one asset. I vote for paying them daily, along with a big gulp too.

    Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti - President, Stanford University
  • I hereby declare that all employees in my hacker hotel shall be paid daily using Rivvi... except those that work for free.

    Erlich Bachman - Founder, Aviato
  • Loving that this whole payroll thing happens automatically... tres comas!

    Russ Hanneman - Investor

We’re Here to Ensure Your Success.

Although we hope you’ll never need it, our support team is always just a click away. Charlie, our intelligent helpbot is your first step for simple answers to most questions. Additional human support can be accessed at any time for more complex issues that need that human touch.
Regardless of the issue, our goal is always to get you back to business so you can focus on doing what you do best.


Our mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere. Join us!

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