• Payment Acceptance
    For The New Normal


Be easy to do business with.  Allow your customers to pay the way they want, using their debit or credit card.
Online or in person, completely contactless and frictionless. 
All Major Credit Cards

Domestic and Int‘l Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Diner‘s Club, JCB, Debit, HSA, and FSA.

Predictable Fees

Flat rate of 2.9% + .30¢ for scan or key entry, online sales, and invoice payments.

Fraud Protection

Stripe has PCI-DSS compliant, stringent, built-in fraud protection with every transaction and online sale to avoid costly chargebacks and fraud-related fees.

Fast Deposits

Payments are securely deposited directly into your bank account within two days, with the exception of a 7-day wait period for the first deposit.

Setup in Minutes

Flint is an all-in-one solution for your small business transactions. No hardware is required – everything you need is on your phone. Sign up to create your Flint account, connect Stripe, our payment processor, and immediately start accepting payments.



Look Professional

Personalize your communications with customers to create customized receipts, invoices and more by including your logo, website and other business information. Every communication is professionally designed with space for your personal note. No matter who on your team takes the payment, your customers have a consistent experience.


Scan, Don’t Swipe

No accessory is needed. It’s a snap – simply position the card number in the scan area and enter the card verification information. You can also manually enter the card details for over the phone payments. You and your customers are protected because the scanned card information is securely encrypted. No card data or images are stored on your phone. Your customers are immediately emailed a professional receipt with your business logo, name, description, website, contact details and personal note.


Invoice on the Go

It’s easy to send and manage invoices no matter where you are – in front of a client from the mobile app, or back at the office sending 20 at a time. Every invoice has a Pay button to a secure web page. It’s quick to send additional invoices to the same client because the Client Directory fills in the contact details and invoice terms.


Sell Online

It’s copy and paste simple. Just enter an item’s description and amount, and Flint automatically creates a “Buy Now” link and button. Copy a snippet of code and URL, then paste it into a website page, social media post, marketing email and more. The Buy Now button is automatically created. You can track all of your online sales from your phone or the web.


Track Revenue

With the Dashboard, insights about all of your transactions are available anytime, including details, summaries and trends. You get fresh stats about weekly and monthly sales as well as invoices, including which are paid, open and overdue. Easily search and filter your transaction history by line item to view data online, download into Excel or text formatted files.

Reward Customers

Bring your customers back by offering them coupons and promotions. Flint makes it easy for you to create coupons and integrate with Apple Passbook. Plus, your customers can redeem coupons by scanning them on their phone from the Flint app.









Curbside Eating
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Simple and Easy to Use Online Ordering.

Customers simply select what they want and pay.  No need to install any software or make it complicated.  Just simple ordering without all the friction.


Two-Way Messaging Allows Better Communications.

With integrated messaging, your customers will automatically be notified about the status of their order. Even allow customers to text you back questions or feedback, and respond if you want!


Know When Your Customer Arrives… Before They Arrive.

Our integrated geo-fence functionality allows us to notify you when the customer is close, and when they arrive, so you can ensure an efficient and frictionless experience.

Time is money

Focus on Your Business.

With our dynamic rules-based processing engine, all compliant shifts are approved without any manual intervention… freeing your people to focus on your customers, not wasting valuable time checking timesheets.
Improve Lives

Automatically Pay Employees on a Daily Basis.

Rivvi DailyPay is the only platform that allows your employees to receive 100% of their earned income on a daily basis.

Give Employees More Reasons to Stay.

Paying employees their earned wages on a daily basis is a competitive advantage.  All premiums and deductions happen automatically so there’s no need for anybody to lift a finger.

No-shows Are a Thing of the Past.

When employees know they will get paid as soon as they finish their shift, they’re more likely to show up for work. Understanding the cost of not showing up is a significant impact on no-shows.

We’re all going somewhere… striving to be better and climbing to great heights. Let us help you reach your goals and live better.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I think our employees are our number one asset. I vote for paying them daily, along with a big gulp too.

    Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti - President, Stanford University
  • I hereby declare that all employees in my hacker hotel shall be paid daily using Rivvi... except those that work for free.

    Erlich Bachman - Founder, Aviato
  • Loving that this whole payroll thing happens automatically... tres comas!

    Russ Hanneman - Investor

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Regardless of the issue, our goal is always to get you back to business so you can focus on doing what you do best.


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