Handsfree Payroll Processing.

You run your business.  We’ll run your payroll.

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Run payroll without lifting a finger.

Payroll shouldn’t be so complicated. So we made it easy. Rivvi pays your employees without wasting your time.  We call it AutoPay, and its included along with a whole bunch of other features that you’ll love.
At the end of each shift, we send the employee a message confirming their total hours worked and their exact pay, after taxes and deductions.  Now that’s instant gratification.
Rivvi automatically processes payroll without the need for any human interaction… totally hands-free.

With our integrated scheduling and time capture, Rivvi AutoPay calculates net pay at the end of each shift.

Rivvi handles all government remittances, including ROEs, WSIB reporting and year end requirements.


Nothing beats results.

With our integrated Time & Attendance module, timesheet data flows straight to payroll without manual intervention.

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Employee Management

Payroll starts with the employee… our feature packed HR module forms the base of our payroll suite.  Allowing you to easily onboard and manage all your key employee data.

Benefits Marketplace

The Benefits Marketplace allows employees to choose the benefits they want.  From the usual suspects like life insurance to more relevant options like sick leave insurance, emergency fund savings, vacation fund and more.

Mobile App

Employees can manage their work life through our available app. See upcoming schedules, timesheets and pay stubs.  With our integrated neo bank offering, employees can better control their money through enhanced cash management features.

Robust reporting

Reporting and analytics are at the heart of every operation.  Rivvi includes multiple reports as part of our dashboard that include the ability to create custom filters and add/remove columns as needed.

Daily Pay

Rivvi calculates each employees net pay immediately after their shift is completed.  We notify employees how much they earned and make their earned wages available to them overnight.  Imagine doing payroll in your sleep.

End of year reporting

Putting payroll on AutoPilot means freeing up time for things that matter.  Rivvi automatically sends out T4s, T4 Summaries and all necessary government filings.


Quick and compliant, just like you.

With our integrated HR module, off-boarding employees is a snap. At the flip of a switch, set the steps in motion and grab a coffee while we take care of the rest.

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Big benefits for every businesses.

Integrated as part of our benefits module, the Benefits Marketplace allows employers to offer modern benefits in addition to the usual suspects such as life and dental, etc.

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Everything you need in the palm of your hand.

We all live on our phones. Rivvi was built from the ground up as a mobile-first app, letting you manage your business on the go. Employees can review and update their information at any time, without the need to contact HR.
Access their schedule, view their timesheet, review their paystubs, update their benefits selection and so much more. Imagine a hands-free world that’s literally in the palm of your hand.

Our team is there to ensure your team’s success.

Help is always just a click away.  Our in-app video chat connects you with a live agent to get you quick results and keep your business moving.


I think our employees are our number one asset. I vote for paying them daily, along with a big gulp too.

Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti - President, Stanford University

I hereby declare that all employees in my hacker hotel shall be paid daily using Rivvi… except those that work for free.

Erlich Bachman - Founder, Aviato

Loving that this whole payroll thing happens automatically… tres comas!

Russ Hanneman - Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions related to payroll. To view more, click here.

Rivvi allows employees to access the money they worked for instantly. Their money is given to them instantly after completing their shift at no cost. Unlike other services, we are not lending employees money to spend so you don’t need to worry about paying us back. We are simply giving them their well-deserved money with no questions asked.

You just have to set up a time table and we will do the rest of the work for you.

Rivvi gives you access to your pay instantly after work so there is no borrowing or “early access” involved, and thus no reason for you to pay any fees, interest, or taxes. The only cost is our subscription cost, which is covered by the employer. Email us rivvi@youmeco.com for more information.

You get 100% of your money the day you earn it. No questions asked!

You can access your money through your Rivvi account or your Rivvi card. You can also transfer the money in your Rivvi account into a bank account of your liking free of charge.

You can talk to your employer to implement Rivvi in your workplace. If you are a company trying to implement Rivvi, you can set up a demo with us to get started. Once Rivvi is set up at your workplace, you may log in and start using our services